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Writing about Myanmar, I’d like to talk about my dream. It’s the sunny day wandering around ancient temples in the Old Bagan on horse carriages, it’s the charming sunset at the Ubein Bridge, it’s the unique road leading to the ancient village of Inwa, and it’s the soft glow of the morning light with cold weather on Inle Lake.

Myanmar (also known as Burma) - the country has just opened its doors after long periods of embargoes, containing innumerable beauties not only in sight but also in culture. That's this land, my choice during my youth journey.

The first destination in our journey is Old Bagan, 42km², on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River in the central part of Myanmar. Old Bagan is home to the most unique temples and pagodas in Southeast Asia, with more than 2,000 ancient temples - a testimony to Myanmar's glorious history.

Bagan consists of three towns: Nyuang U, Old Bagan and New Bagan, and an area spread out over many temples. With temples, monasteries and many cultural values, Buddhist beliefs, Myanmar’s Old Bagan always know how to conquer its tourists.

And especially, anyone who comes to Old Bagan cannot ignore sunrise and sunset at Shwesandaw - the so-called Sunset Temple. To get here, you can either travel by horse cart or rent a bike. Far from the tranquility of Old Bagan, the next destination is Mandalay, a land filled with the noise of vehicles and busy boats. But within its modern appearance, Mandalay still boldly marks the end of Burmese history.

716km north of Yagoon is the center of the culture of the Kingdom of Kohbaun. Therefore, this place became the attractive destination many tourists to Myanmar. And don’t miss Ubein Bridge, where have one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Ubein Bridge is located in the outskirts of Mandalay, the delta of the Taungthamna River. Due to the wide riverbed, to connect the two banks of the river, local people built a 1.2 km long bridge. This is the longest and oldest wooden bridge in the world, the other side of the bridge is the ancient village of Inwa with more than 400 years old.

On the summers, a bright orange color cover the whole panorama of the bridge. In order to watch the sunset, travelers are recommend to sit in boats. Get the feeling excited when the scene of the legendary bridge to shine into the lake and merge in the orange color of the afternoon. The small wave created by the oars from the boat makes the sunshine become more sparkling and fanciful.