Krabi – The little known paradise in Thailand

Only about 1.5 hour flight from Bangkok, the peaceful Krabi hide many unexpected surprise waiting for visitors to explore.

Not as crowded as Phuket, not as expensive as Koh Samui, it does not take as long to arrive as Koh Tao ... Krabi is an easy and convenient destination.

This is a quiet place suitable for those who want to find for themselves a gentle seaside to drop off to watch the sunset and islands with white sand beaches, clear water.

Krabi is a beautiful southern coastal province, home to many of Thailand's best beaches.

From Bangkok, it is possible to take a train, bus or plane to get to Krabi. Due to the proximity to Phuket, most visitors to the area are flocking to Phuket and therefore Krabi is less tourists. But thanks to that, this seaside city is quieter, more serene and more comfortable for travelers or families or those looking to find a quiet and peaceful seaside.

Krabi is not as expensive as Phuket or Samui, prices in restaurants, street food are quite pleasant and there are many dishes for visitors to choose such as traditional Thai dishes, Western specialties such as Italian pizza, spaghetti.

Go to Krabi at least two days, one day to visit the island, the other day you can hire a motorbike and ride to Krabi Town and the surrounding areas for sightseeing, taking pictures or shopping.

Or you can spend all 2 days to go to the island because if you go one day you can choose either tour to Phi Phi Island or Hong Island. If you have been to Phi Phi from Phuket then just go to Hong Island, so spend the other day to rent a motorcycle to wander around Krabi.

Krabi people as well as most Thai people are always cheerful, gentle and friendly. They are always ready to help visitors.

A few experiences to Krabi:

– To get to Krabi, you can take bus, train or plane from Bangkok.

– From Krabi Airport, take a bus to Krabi Town or Ao Nang depending on where you stay. To Ao Nang, the airport bus price is 150 baht / person, bus drop you to the resort / hotel. If you go in a group of 4 or more, take a taxi for 600 baht / way. The transfer time is nearly 1 hour while the taxi runs faster, only 30 - 40 minutes.

– You should book tour to the island.

– You should eat at street vendors’, they sell on the sidewalk from 4 to 5 pm to the evening, very cheap price and delicious dishes.

– Starbucks Coffee, Hageen Dazs ice cream, Movempic are available.

– If you can afford, try the restaurant Lae Lay Grill, the price is quite expensive but delicious and beautiful location.