How to eat street food when traveling to Vietnam

Many restaurants in Hanoi are located behind the door of someone’s house, the owner will serve you food right in the living room of the family.

If you are planning to Vietnam from North to South, crossing big cities & regions like Hanoi, Halong, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta. Not only will you admire the sceneries, don’t forget to do a food tour along the country with the taste of each region.

The bellowing are some tips for cuisines in Vietnam.

Vietnamese food is a creative mixing of sweet, sour, spicy. Wherever you go, besides familiar dishes such as noodles, each region has its own type of dishes and flavors. This is really interesting.

A bowl of Pho in the North is very different from Pho in Saigon. The food culture in each place is also very different. In Hanoi, people often eat in street stall, small and independent. In Central Vietnam, you can find more concentrated food markets. In Saigon, the most bustling city, all food can be found on the same street.

Dare to adventure

Many restaurants in Vietnam (especially in Hanoi) do not look like a regular restaurant. Occasionally, some restaurants are located behind someone's door; they will serve food right in your living room. Many eateries just stuck around a cart with a grill. People sit on plastic chairs eating on the sidewalk. Try to order food like them and having a really great meal.

Eat like a local

A golden rule applied in most places in the world, especially in Vietnam, that is, never go to only Western restaurants. Such restaurants are usually very clean but expensive and the quality sometimes is not excellent. Let’s follow the locals, visit a crowded local food stall. Do not worry too much because they do not have a menu translated into English, look at the food that look most delicious, or most people call and then use the body language express to the seller. These places always have delicious dishes with indigenous flavors and cost much less than in the restaurant for tourists.

Don’t depend on the menu

Because most of the sidewalk food stall in Vietnam only serves a single dish, for example, only sell noodles, only vermicelli ... You usually just take turns to get a chair and in less than 30 seconds, they will bring you noodles, bun cha…


Vietnam is very hot so a glass of beer will help you refreshed immediately. In the summer, you can see beer sold everywhere. Beer in Vietnam is very cheap and delicious. Sipping beer on plastic chairs, watching the people passing by. Try Bia Hoi, a cheap local beer of Vietnam. Get some beer from the tap which is made and sold out within the day. Drink with lots of ice.

* Some popular dishes

– Hanoi: bun cha, banh my, pho

– Hoi An: cao lau, rice with chicken

– Hue: local cakes

– Ho Chi Minh City: pho, iced coffee