How to choose hotels & restaurants in Phuket

Thailand’s famous tourist island attracts visitors for its vibrant nightlife, white sandy beaches, rich and delicious food. Your Phuket trip will be more complete with hotel room suggestions as well as the following restaurants and amusement venues..

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How to eat street food when traveling to Vietnam

Many restaurants in Hanoi are located behind the door of someone’s house, the owner will serve you food right in the living room of the family.

If you are planning to Vietnam from North to South, crossing big cities & regions like Hanoi, Halong, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta. Not only will you admire the sceneries, don’t forget to do a food tour along the country with the taste of each region.

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Krabi – The little known paradise in Thailand

Only about 1.5 hour flight from Bangkok, the peaceful Krabi hide many unexpected surprise waiting for visitors to explore.

Not as crowded as Phuket, not as expensive as Koh Samui, it does not take as long to arrive as Koh Tao ... Krabi is an easy and convenient destination.

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Myanmar – the unreal dream

Writing about Myanmar, I’d like to talk about my dream. It’s the sunny day wandering around ancient temples in the Old Bagan on horse carriages, it’s the charming sunset at the Ubein Bridge, it’s the unique road leading to the ancient village of Inwa, and it’s the soft glow of the morning light with cold weather on Inle Lake.

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Top things to do when traveling to Phuket, Thailand.

Housed in the 90 year-old bulding, Siam Indigo is the name for a restaurant and bar with a variety of Thai dishes. In the evening, sipping a cocktail and watching Phuket at night will give you a sense of relaxation.

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